How to make a delicious probiotic yogurt at home with our yogurt starter culture?

To be sure that you will make original Bulgarian yogurt at home the right way we will describe the whole process in this article. If you follow our instruction there is no way not to make a real yogurt, unless you have used low quality milk. The quality of the yogurt depends on the quality of the milk so if the result of the preparation is not satisfactory, just try another milk. You can use pasteurized or boiled raw milk. The preparation needs higher hygiene to prevent contamination of the milk by microorganisms.

The recommended storage temperature for the yogurt starter cultures is under 20°C for 1 year and under 10°C for 2 years.

The quantity of the milk must be no more than the recommended on the package, or as it follows:

Probiotic Yogurt Starter Culture

Yogurt Starter Cultures – capsules

  • 10 capsules of yogurt starter culture
  • A capsule of 240mg yogurt starter culture – for 1 to 2L milk.



Probiotic Yogurt Starter Culture


Yogurt Starter Cultures – sachets

  • A box of 10 sachets of yogurt starter culture
  • A sachet of 1 gram yogurt starter culture – for 1 to 5L milk.



Yogurt preparation steps:

  1. Boil the raw milk or if it is pasteurized, just heat it to 45 – 50°C. You can use any kind of milk – pasteurized, raw, nonfat, homogenized, organic, diluted evaporated, dry powdered, cow, goat and more. The density of the yogurt depends on the fat indicator content of milk. The higher it is, the denser is the yogurt. 
  2. Cool it down to 42 – 45°C. This is the needed temperature for making the yogurt.
  3. Pour 30-40 ml. of the milk in a cup. Add the yogurt starter culture in the cup. Stir the starter culture into the milk until it has dissolved completely.
  4. Add the milk with the yogurt starter culture to the rest of milk and stir it again
  5. Pour the milk into cleen jars, cover each one tightly with a lid and leave them for 6 – 10 hours without stirring at 42 – 45°C. If you don’t have yogurt maker, you can use the oven with keeping the tempetarure at 42 – 45°C for the needed time.
  6. After 6 – 10 hours put the yogurt in the refrigerator until cooled down to 10°C without stirring.